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Java Car Rental Assignment

Write a Java application that calculates and displays rentals of hiring car for N customers who hire cars from a local car rental company based in Rockhampton, Australia. N should be declared as a constant and should be equal to the largest digit of your student id number (e.g. if your student id is s0705544 then N should be equal to 7). Assume N=4, if the largest digit of your student id number is less than 4.

The standard charges of c


Python Lab 11 (Objects and Classes)

Classes allow us to define entirely new types. We might think of each type in Python as a set of values, and we use a class declaration to describe how to build and interact with all the values of this brand new type. We will often need at minimum a constructor (telling us what instance variables to always create), str and repr methods (telling Python how to represent the thing as a string), and then any extra methods that we deem useful ways


Create a DateTime class in Java


Create a DateTime class that contains month, day, year, hour, minute, second.

Don't forget useful const


Black-Scholes Option Pricing - Python for Finance

The module should contain a class `SimpleOption` that will satisfy the following documentation. The option class here is super trivial, but it demonstrates an architectural approach: encapsulate assets via their contract terms, and pass that to pricing and risk functions.  A slightly more advanced approach would have a similar data container for the "market environment" (


Database CRUD Program

Problem Statement


Design a relational database for the Henry bookstore chain that you have worked on in

assignments and create an inventory management system that uses the relational



The database should consist of the following three tables:

1. book: This table records information about the books that are being sold in the bookstore.

    a. Fields: book_


Lab Top Stories

Create a python program does the following:


Find an RSS XML news feed of your choosing. The news feed must have 5 or more stories.

A good place to start is with CNN RSS. Although you may use any news feed (like NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.)


Part I


1.Create a python program named

2.Comments at the top of the module with your name, date, and


Java Lab

In a course, a teacher gives the following tests and assignments:


A lab activity that is observed by the teacher and assigned a numeric score.

A pass/fail exam that has 10 questions. The minimum passing score is 70.

An essay that is assigned a numeric score.

A final exam that has 50 questions.


Write a class named CourseGrades. The class should have an array of GradedActivi


Project 4 – Movie Lover’s Club

The Movie Lover’s Club is a club of persons that love to watch movies and keep track of how many times they have watched the movies they love. The club president, Al Hitchcock, has hired you to create a simple, text-based program that will allow him to enter, update, and retrieve information about the movies that his club members love.

The main menu that is provided by the program will look as follows:


Welcome to the


Final Project-Credit card numbers and the case of Mobius Duck

In this project, you are assisting an investigation. The investigator asked you to help him determine the validity of credit card numbers located in a case of Mobius Duck, case number 20150510-001.

Your task is to:
– Read the data listed below “Data to Evaluate” from a file.
– Evaluate each number to see if they are representing a possible credit card number.
– Validate each credit card number to see if they a


C# Employee Program

You are a software development employee at a startup company. Your HR department has tasked the IT department with developing a simple application (Windows Form Application) to load and display employee records.


Your application will need to do the following:

Create an Employee Class with the following properties:

First Name

Last Name

Street Address






Battleship Python Game

1. Appearance (View Component(s)) - (5pts matching appearance):


Two Panels (either extended or QWidgets base):

– (1pt) Must use QWidget to display user positions (grid 10x10)

– (1pt) Must use QWidget to contain Buttons for guessing enemy location


User Mouse Interaction on Canvas


–  (2pt) Click to add grid to user placement (17 spots must be placed)



Sudoku Python Game

1. Appearance (View Component(s)) - (5pts matching appearance i.e. 9x9 grid):


• At least one custom Frame that extends from QWidget’s class


–  (3pt) In the constructor load the sudoku file

–  (2pt) The values must be set on the associated buttons, and locked so that theycannot be changed 


• Bind the buttons:


–  (1pt) Left-Click Goes Up (can check which b


Python GUI Program

You are tasked with creating an application that uses a GUI that simulates a simple money manager. This tool is used to track all spending of an individual. The assignment is broken up into the following main components:

1.) The ability to provide a login screen to prevent other people from viewing the information contained in the tool

2.) The ability to view the current balance funds, add purchases made and deposits into the bal


Java programs

Question 1:  Switch (5 Points) 


Write a Java program to make a simple calculator using switch case statement which perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two numbers. 

Either: Given two integers and an arithmetic operator, you have to perform the specific arithmetic operation on given integer operands using a switch case statement and print the result on screen.  OR: The progr


Java Interfaces

Create an interface called MyArrayInterface that contains method headers for the method signatures listed below. Then create a new class called ArrayCollection, that inherits the properties of the ArrayList class and implements your interface. Create a test driver that tests each new method to show that they work correctly.


-toString( ):String - creates and returns a string that correctly represents the current collection. Suc


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