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Complete a sort method in java.

Suppose you have a linked list class that stores integers. The integers can be both negative and positive. Based on the following class definition, give the pseudocode or the Java code for the sort() method, which sorts the list.


public class SortedIntegerList { 

    protected static class Node {

        Node next; 

        int value;




Computing salary in java

Computing Salary Increment 

write a program to calculate the bonus based on three possible ratings; "Excellent", "Good", and "Poor". 

• Excellent -  will receive a 50% raise, 

• Good - will receive a 15% raise, 

• moreover, poor will have a deduction of 10  % from their base salary.

The programme will print and calculate their bonus, and also print out their performance. 


Movie Reading and Rate Updating

  • Load the pickled movie file (it is a standard python object)
  • Load in the ratings from the text file (open up file to determine separator)
    • Must have error handling for the entries where the ratings are malformed, output the user who entered the bad data (see below...must use try:except block)
  • Parse the ratings and update the movie object (ratings and number of ratings)
  • Calculate a new average f

Create an Iterator & Iterable class (AlphaDictIter)

Python 3.x

Create an Iterator & Iterable class (AlphaDictIter) that stores a dictionary object, and iterates through the dictionary keys alphabetically (case matters/string comparison) and results in getting the correspondi


Python turtle assignment

Draw the field and the quarterback on the left side of the field using turtle graphics as a stick figure.

Randomly select an X location for the receiver on the right side of the screen and draw as a stick figure.


IT-209 - Assignment 8 (A8) – Extending the University Model

In this assignment you will enhance the university model from A5 that consisted of the Department, Person, Student, and Faculty classes. The goal of the enhancements is to allow the creation of an individual course section for a given semester and the assignment of a faculty instructor. Once established students can be registered for the course.


To support this expanded model University, Catalog, and Course classes must be cre


DPIT111 Assignment 2 - Week 8

Question 1 (4 mark) : Implement a program which decides the unit ticket price according to the age of each customer and then calculates the total ticket price of all customers.


• The user input is always correct (input verification is not required).

• Your code must use while loop or do-while loop.

• Your code includes main method and a method called calcUnitPrice whose argument a


Assignment Exercise 6-Windows App Bank Account Management with Class Object


The objectives of this lab assignment are as follows:


Create a fully functioning desktop application

Create a custom class that will be used by the main program.

Skills Required

To properly complete this assignment, you will need to apply the following skills:


Construct Windows desktop GUI application

Work with a c


Google API Book, Google Map Assignments.

You will need the Google API Book. For the Google Map Assignments, we will be treating the book almost like a lab manual / tutorial and will be going through the exercises in the book. It can be a bit tedious at times, but it will allow you to understand the code a little better.


1. Be sure to read over chapter 1 and 2 first. Going through Chapter 3 is a good starting point if this is new to you by going through and coding the


CSCI111 Chapter 10: Program 7 - Median

This function works with the median of a list of numbers. The median of a list is the middle observation

in the list. For example, for the list of numbers:

1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11

The median value is 7. There are three numbers above 7 and three numbers below 7.

For the list

1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13

there are two middle values, 7 and 8. Then the median would be (7+8)/2 = 7.5.

So to find the median


MasterMind GUI

Convert the attached code to a functioning GUI. Run the code to see the functioning text-based version. The GUI needs to have the capability to:


See the number of guesses left


Write a class that represents a Food Item

TODO: Write a class that represents a Food item:
 + Constructor takes two parameters (name and calories). Calories may or may not be


3 Java projects

The following are three projects. Make three separate classes. Example

You must submit three java files. No Zip file will be allowed.


Problem 1:

Write a program that accepts an amount of money on deposit and a number of years it has been on deposit (years can have decimals). It will determine the interest to be paid on the deposit based on the following schedule:


Time on Deposit�


CSC240 Inheritance Lab

Ship, CruiseShip and CargoShip Classes


Design a Ship class that has the following members:


A member variable for the name of the ship (a string)

A member variable for the year that the ship was built (a string)

A constructor and appropriate accessors and mutators

A virtual print function that displays the ship's name and year it was built.

Design a CruiseShip class that is derived f


Python Taxation Assignment

Modify the program by adding the missing function. The missing function will use Python selection statements to calculate the amount of tax that a single (unmarried) taxpayer owes using the table attached.


Note: the federal tax is progressive. For example, if a person has a taxable income of 15,000, the first 9,700 is taxed at a rate of 10% and the remaining 5,300 is taxed at a rate of 12%.


If the missing func


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