Sudoku Python Game

1. Appearance (View Component(s)) - (5pts matching appearance i.e. 9x9 grid):


• At least one custom Frame that extends from QWidget’s class


–  (3pt) In the constructor load the sudoku file

–  (2pt) The values must be set on the associated buttons, and locked so that theycannot be changed 


• Bind the buttons:


–  (1pt) Left-Click Goes Up (can check which button via mouse events)

–  (1pt) Right-Click Goes Down

–  (1pt)Cycleifat9or1

–  (3pt) Change to next available number (i.e. not used or violate rules)

–  (2pt) If no number valid for button make red(bad color) and blank

–  (2pt) If change to a valid number and all other positions set - win(change to good color)


2. Game Logic (Model Component(s)) - (5pts matching behavior)


• Checking if number is valid in a spot– (2pt) Checks the row


– (2pt) Checks the column

– (3pt) Checks the 3x3 grid


• (3pt) Detect no more valid spots when none exist• (3pt) Detect win


3. Controller and Other requirements


• (1pt) Must use external QtWidgets module

• (1pt) Must use either a list or dict to store the buttons/values

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