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Palindrome and Postfix in Python


We have discussed, in detail, the function of Stacks and Queues and how they are specifically implemented in Python. To get a better understanding of the utility of these data structures, we will be creating functions which use the data structures and comparing the functionality of each.


Other Resources

String object documentation in Python 3.




Password Generator Application

In this exercise, you’ll develop an application that generates strong passwords of the length entered by the user.


1. Open the HTML and JavaScript files in the week 7 folder.

2. In the JavaScript file, note that the jQuery ready event handler contains three functions: the getRandomNumber() function, the handler      for the click event of the Get Password button, and the handler for the click event of the Clear but


Python Assignment

1- Two variables, x and y, supposedly hold strings of digits. Write code that converts these to integers and assigns a variable z the sum of these two integers. Make sure that if either x and y has bad data (that is, not a string of digits), z will be assigned the value of -1. 

2- Two variables, num_boys and num_girls, hold the number of boys and girls that have registered for an


Inheritance Project in python

Given the following snippets of code, evaluate the print statements: (assume python 3.X)

Class Descriptions


class Business

    -Constructor takes two positional arguments, name and starting captial. It should

    initialize a list of employees to be empty and a clock-timer(int{hours) to start at

    midnight (0 ! 23).



Java String Combinations

a. :

i. Print all the possible strings of size 5 that begin with 3 letters from S = {a, b, c} followed by 2 digits of set N = {1 , 2}. (Repetitions are allowed)

ii. Print the total number of strings that you made using S and N.

iii. Print what counting rule you used to calculate the answer in part ii?\


b. :

i. Print all the possible strings of size 5 that begin with 3 letters of S = {a, b, c} follow


Java Payroll

Payroll Class

Write a Payroll class that uses the following arrays as fields:


employeeId. An array of seven integers to hold employee identification numbers. The array should be initialized with the following numbers:

5658845 4520125 7895122 8777541 8451277 1302850 7580489

hours. An array of seven integers to hold the number of hours worked by each employee


Java Project 5

Implement a Triangle class as specified as follows.

-a: double
-b: double
-c: double


+getAngleA(): int
+getAngleB(): int
+getAngleC(): int
+findArea(): double
+findPerimeter(): double
+print(): void

The class contains three


C# Basket Ball Program



You’ll create a program that will allow the user to print the scores from NBA games in 2008 and 2009. The application will consist of two DateTimePickers and a drop down with all the NBA teams listed so that the user can select which games they would like printed, and three print buttons: Page Setup, Print, and Print Preview.


Chapter 8 Java Assignment

Create a folder named Chapter 08 Program and use it to create a Java program to do the following:




Welcome to the Squares and Cubes table

Enter an integer: five

Error! Invalid integer. Try again.

Enter an integer: -5

Error! Number must be greater than 0

Enter an integer: 101


Python Lab 9:Dictionaries & File I/O

As this is an Exercise, you can read any and all materials, ask us questions, talk with other students, and learn however you best learn in order to solve the task. Just create your own solution from those experiences, and turn in your work.


Reminder: you can run individual inputs, such as counts("mississippi"), by loading your file into interactive mode with the –i flag. You should be using this technique on projects as wel


Implement a simple amortization utility with Python

Nothing too fancy, but you must meet the following design requirements. Imagine how these requirements might be made more realistic as you go through the exercise.



It must import "quietly" (no output on import statement) as:


import quiz5_your6+2 as quiz5

To be clear: write a module and save it to


I.e., I would submit mine as quiz5_fergumk.


Java Class

Create any class that you want, to demonstrate that you know how to create classes and objects.

Create fields and getter/setter methods(1 point)

Create at least 3 private fields (attributes/instance variables) for your class

You must use at least 3 different data types for your fields

Create getter and setter methods (1 point) 

Create a getter (accessor) method for each of your instance variables



Java Thanksgiving Program

Write a Java program called to create an Excel spreadsheet of your friends.


1.Create a class called Food to represent a Thanksgiving food item. Fields include name, calories, carbs (1 point)

2.In a main method, ask the user "How many foods are you going to eat for Thanksgiving?".

3.Loop through each food item and prompt the user to enter their name, calories, and grams of carbs for that food item. Store that Food


Python Movie Assignment

Complete the attached file, TODO statements included. Reading from attached .txt file, sample output is below


loading file.....

Not the correct format: NULL1984

Not the correct format: TOOMANYCOMMAS,,,,,,9999

Second element is not a number: ONE,ONE

Choose a movie to serialize:



3:Blade Runner(1982)


5:The Wizar


Marks Calculator in Python

Write a Python program to calculate the subject marks of a student. The input data for the program includes: the raw marks of assignment, test, tutorial exercises and exam. After receiving the inputs, the program calculates and displays the final marks of each component and total final mark. Then it decides the grade that


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