Database CRUD Program

Problem Statement


Design a relational database for the Henry bookstore chain that you have worked on in

assignments and create an inventory management system that uses the relational



The database should consist of the following three tables:

1. book: This table records information about the books that are being sold in the bookstore.

    a. Fields: book_code, author, title, price

2. branch: This table records information about branches of the bookstore chain.

    a. Fields: branch_num, last_name, address, city, state, zip, phone

3. inventory: This table records book inventory of each branch. Note that book_code and branch_num are primary key and also foreign keys.

    a. Fields: book_code, branch_num, quantity


The henry bookstore’s inventory management system should be developed using a programming language: C#.NET, Java, PHP, Python, or any other programming language.

It should be implemented in the following two phases:


Phase I: Design and develop a relational database

(a) Using MySQL Workbench, create a database schema (called henry_bookstore) for the henry bookstore’s inventory management system and create the above three tables in the schema.a. Note that the relationship between book and branch tables is many-to-many and the inventory table is created as an associative table between the two tables, which means the book_code and branch_num columns should be both primary key and foreign keys.

(b) Then insert data of approximately 5 fictitious entries for each table.

(c) Export the database as henry_bookstore.sql and submit it.

(d) Export the database’s diagram as henry_bookstore.png/jpg and submit it.


Phase II: Develop an application that uses the henry_bookstore database

1. While you can use any programming language you want, C# is recommended.

2. User Interface designs are totally up to your decision.

3. Only requirement is that your application should be able to do the CRUD operations (select, insert, update, and delete) against the three tables

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