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PHP Gallery Assignment

(10 points) Image Gallery Search: The following HTML snippet is the skeleton of a simple search page for an image gallery. The gallery stores all of its images in a directory called images. Write a PHP program called search.php to implement the searching feature. An image is considered a “match” to the search string if the name of the image contains the entirety of the search string. For example, a query of “tea” might match “tea.jpg


Java Quadratic Equation and Bill Calculation Assignment

Program 1

Write a java program to compute both roots of the quadratic equation with the user provides the three coefficients A, B and C.


A. Display your name

B. Display Project_2 Problem_1

C. Display This program computes both roots of a quadratic equation

D. Display given the coefficients A,B and C 

E. Real_1=0

F. Real_2=0

G. Imag=0

H. D=0


Java Activity 17.1 CIS 36B

1. What will the following display to the console? Work out the solution by hand first (don't run the code, until you have figured it out on paper).


String s1 = "car";

String s2 = "car";

String s3 = "Car";

String s4 = new String("car");

System.out.println(s1 == s2);

System.out.println(s2 == s3);




Lab 14: Generics and Exception Handling

Writing Our Own ArrayList

This lab will give you a peek under the hood of the ArrayList class, by asking you to write your own generic ArrayList class

Although our class is generic, recall arrays of generic types are not allowed in Java. 

For more information, see Lesson notes on Generics.

Therefore, we will need to store an array of Objects and cast to the generic type E when needed.

For ex


CSCI312: Hashing

In this assignment, you will design a hash function suitable for use in the GetHashCode/hashCode method of a C#/Java object that represents a student. The use-case for this algorithm is within a classroom-based application where the maximum room capacity is less than 50 seats. Because of this, the hashing algorithm is to be designed to map an 8- digit student id (1 to 99,999,999, inclusive) into a 2-digit space (0-99, inclusive). Using the stu


Java Assignment 1: Winning Lotto!

For this assignment, you will be building your first java application from scratch. You need to remember what you have learned in class, lab, books and your assignments. Be sure to refer to them when you need to.


There are 2 parts to this assignment. In the first part, you are going to be given a problem and you will then need to write an algorithm to solve it. In the second part, you’ll be turning this algorithm into a java


Python Portfolio Calculator

You are the COO of a robo-advisory company, and you are to send an annual report to your client, to report the transactions carried out every year, since the inception of their portfolio. The details of the portfolio are defined in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1: At the end of each month, some units of stocks are acquired.


CSCI 141: Assignment 3

This program is meant to give you practice with a 2D array and defining your own functions. You will create a 2D array filled with random sales figures and the tax per sale. Then you will write 2 functions (methods), one to print the information out, and one to sum up all the totals and print those out as well. See the example Output.

Here is the link to the GitHub Classroom assignment:


Java static methods lab



In this exercise, you will learn to write static methods that use Lists and Strings. Each of these is around the difficulty of some exam questions. If you need to make a new List as part of the method, implement it using an ArrayList.


Static Generic Methods Java makes writing generic methods look intimidating, but, it’s not so bad. I'll walk you through how to do it by showing what w


MF 803 Advanced Programming for Math Finance Practice Midterm Exam

Problem 1 (10 points)SQL Programming

Consider the following table design structure:


instrument info

instrument id (int)

ticker (char(5))

sector id (int)

shares outstanding (numeric)


instrument prices

instrument id (int)

ticker (char(5))

quote date (datetime)

close (numeric)

open (numeric)

low (numeric)

daily re


CSCI 2110 Data Structures and Algorithms

Welcome to your first assignment. The problem statement for the assignment is long, but the requirements are specified in detail. Develop your solution class-by-class, module-by-module, testing at every stage. Remember to test your code frequently. Follow all class, method, and command input directions exactly as they are given in this document. Before you start coding, consider drawing out a plan for how your classes will interact and what da


Python symbol square program

Develop a Python program to take three symbols (characters) from the user and print 15x15 square using these symbols in a repetitive way.

The first rows starts with 1st symbol, and continue with 2nd, and 3rd, and repeats this sequence.

The second rows starts with 2st symbol, and continue with 3rd, and 1st, and repeats this sequence.

The fourth rows starts with 1st symbol, and continue with 2nd, and 3rd, and repeats this se


C++ OOP Assignment

Write C++ instructions that declare the following pointers: 

1) a is a pointer to a pointer to a char

2) b is an array of 3 char pointers 

3) c is a pointer to an array of 30 chars 


#   Create an implementation of a class called Date that uses three member variables—a month (type int), a day (type int) and a year (type int). The implementation should provide the following functionalities:



Python dice rolling

You should write a program that rolls two dices 100 times and shows the results.

Each toss should be random like in real life.

Use standard dices with values from 1 to 6.


Computer Programming II Quadratic Equation Assignment

The purposes of this assignment include: passing of parameters, and command line parameters. You are to write a program to solve quadratic equations in all their possibilities (real or complex roots, or even degenerate equations). Your program should be invoked by the command:


solvequad a b c


where a, b, and c are coefficients. The solution should print on stdout.


If the solution is complex, t


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