Battleship Python Game

1. Appearance (View Component(s)) - (5pts matching appearance):


Two Panels (either extended or QWidgets base):

– (1pt) Must use QWidget to display user positions (grid 10x10)

– (1pt) Must use QWidget to contain Buttons for guessing enemy location


User Mouse Interaction on Canvas


–  (2pt) Click to add grid to user placement (17 spots must be placed)

–  BONUS POSSIBLE (5 pts): add ships as denoted by the game in order of their size (5,4,3,3,2). Hint use left/right mouse button for vertical/horizontal placement.

–  (1pt) Disable user action, when all 17 spots are placed.


User Interaction on Frame/Buttons

– (1pt) Disallow interaction until all 17 spots are added in above panel.– When button clicked:


∗  (3pt) reference enemy placement loaded from file (see below), if hit/miss note accordingly (via text: for miss, X for hit; or via background color)

∗  (1pt) Nothing happens if pressed from before

∗  (2pt) Check if win, i.e. hit all 17 enemy spots

∗  (2pt) AI player randomly chooses a spot of yours that was not tried before

*  (2pt) Provide a Label informing the user what they are to do, place ships, take turn,...



2. Game Logic (Model Component(s)) - (5pts matching behavior)


(3pt) Upon initalization load battleship 0.txt into a data structure of some kinds (list/dictionary/etc)...file IO


Adding ships:


–  (1pt) Uses virtual functions on placement panel

–  (1pt) Changes appearance, but stores placement for AI check (list/dict/etc)

–  (1pt) Disallow multiple placement on single spot (or overlap if doing bonus)

–  (1pt) Must inform user how many spots are left to place (counts/length of somekind)


User Move (points assigned above):


– Checks stored spots of AI positions, updates accordingly

– Checks for win condition


AI Move:


– (1pt) Triggered immediately after non-winning user move– (2pt) Randomly chooses a spot not yet tried

– (1pt) Displays AI hit miss on canvas



3. Controller and Other requirements


• (1pt) Must use external QtWidgets module

• (1pt) Must extend from at least 1 QtWidget class

• (1pt) Must use either a list or dict to store the player/ai board state

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