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Module 7: Lab Activity – While Loops


Python programs for the following problems. Use the names listed below:





Be sure to upload your code to Github as well.


All submitted code must include appropriate comments.


Problem 1: Write an infinite while loop that prints “Infinite” an infi


Template Stack in C++

Write a C++ program that contains the following:


Template Stack

In main() write code demonstrating how to use your template stack by declaring two variables a <string> stack and an <int> stack.


Homework 7 – Image Processing (Gray scale image and blurring image)


• Write a program that contain at least two functions.

• The first function is called grayscale(image). This function takes an image and return a grayscale (black and white) version of the image. When all three RGB channel have the same value, you get a shade of gray image. You can take the three-color channels and combine them to get a value that we called luminance for that particular pixel.


Create a class to represent light bulbs

Create a class called Bulb that will represent a light bulb. It should have instance variables for the manufacturer (String), part number (String), wattage (int) and lumens (int) Get and Set methods should be included - Override the equals and toString methods from class Object .


List of Bulbs

Create a class called BuIbNode which has fields for the data (a Bulb) and next (BuIbNode) instance variables, i


Python Card Sorting.

You will figure out how many cards you need in the deck to fulfill the requirements

Each card has three components

Id: unique integer for each card (lowest id number is 0, largest is one less than number of cards)

Title: Numbers one through ten, Baker, Jester, Page, Scribe, Squire, Armorer, and Marshal

Gang: Jets, Pollos, Slugs, Yokels, Keiths, and Elbows

Each card is unique, meaning there are no cards that m


Project 3: Huffman Coding

Huffman coding is a scheme that assigns variable-length bit-codes to characters, such that the lengths of the codes depend on the frequencies of the characters in a typical message. As a result, encoded messages take less space (as compared to fixed-length encoding) since the letters that appear more frequently are assigned shorter codes. This is performed by first building a Huffman coding tree based on a given set of frequencies. From the tr


Short Java Assignment

#1. I need to write a Java program that calculates the sum of numbers from 1 through 10,000 (including 1 and 10,000) but omitting numbers that are divisible by three and numbers whose hundred digit is 2 or 3 (for example 1200 or 3312).


#2. Write a Java program that displays all 4-character strings in lexicographic order (also called dictionary order) on the screen. It must display a string of 4 characters per line. Only the ch


Classes and Objects Assignment in C++

Define a class called Class (uppercase C), with title (string), units (int) and grade (char) for class title, number of units and grade received by student, respectively.


Include the following member functions:


Default constructor that initializes title to a NULL string, units to 0 and grade to ‘-‘.

A function that returns the class units (get_units) and a function that returns the grade (get_grade)


Programming Project F. Directories, Databases, and Zip Files


Folders, or directories, are the universal way of organizing files on general-purpose computers. Databases are the preferred method of storing data for subsequent retrieval. Files are often compressed to save space, especially when transferring them from one place to another. In this project you will use process directories and store their contents in Zip files and a relational database table. We will use the


Stacks, queues, and new data structures in C++

Goal: The purpose of the second programming assignment is to experience stacks, queues, and new data structures. The data structures for this assignment are an array and a circular linked list.


Problem Statement: 

Have you been to a popular restaurant recently? Many are using cell phones to notify groups when their table is ready. But, why not an App? It could let groups know their place in line and be a sales tool for


JavaScript Password Verifier Task

Read 10 passwords from a fileCreate a method called verifyPassword as described below verifyPassword: this takes a string (a password) and returns true if it meets the following criteria:

• it is at least 8 characters long but can handle a password that is 80 characters long

• it contains at least one letter

• it contains at least one digit

• it contains at least one of these four characters (: ? ! ,) Otherw


C Program for summation of a series.

1. Summation of a series is given by the equation ? =  ∑a->n=0 (? + ?)^?. Write a C program to compute and print y. Assume the input variables a and b are non-zero positive integers always less than eight (8). Assume all the variables are 32-bit integers and do not use any kind of built-in functions to compute the nth power. Comment your C code.


2. Summation of a series is given by the equation ?? =  ∑?->n=0 (?!


Shipping Account

• Create a functioning C++ program using multiple functions.

• Write if and switch statements to control what code is run.

• Create loops to perform the same action multiple times.

• Write expressions to calculate values.

• Divide code into header and source files.

• Write tests to determine if the output of the program is correct.

• Provide appropriate documentation for a file and its fu


Video Library Data Layer

In this project, you will be creating a data layer for a Video Library application. You will be working with a Visual Studio class library project VideoLibraryDataLayer that contains public interface IVideoLibraryDAL defined as follows: 

    public interface IVideoLibraryDAL


        /// <summary>

        /// Search Videos table using the following rules:

        ///    a. if Tit


Program Assignment 1: Event-Driven Programming

Description: Develop a Java program that creates a standalone GUI application that simulates an e-store (we’ll call our store Nile Dot Com… we’re not quite as big as!)1 which allows the user to add in-stock items to a shopping cart and once all items are included, total all costs (including tax), produces an invoice, and appends a transaction log file.


Your program development must include the following steps:


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