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Wiring the house problem - Kruskal’s algorithm

You have decided to build a new house, but you are hoping to save costs by doing some of the work yourself. Specifically, you think you are able to do the electrical wiring. The wiring works by using different types of junction points and running electrical wires between these junction points. Complicating things slightly, there are several types of junction points:


• Breaker Box: This is a special node in from which the ele


Module 7: Lab Activity – While Loops


Python programs for the following problems. Use the names listed below:





Be sure to upload your code to Github as well.


All submitted code must include appropriate comments.


Problem 1: Write an infinite while loop that prints “Infinite” an infi


Template Stack in C++

Write a C++ program that contains the following:


Template Stack

In main() write code demonstrating how to use your template stack by declaring two variables a <string> stack and an <int> stack.


Homework 7 – Image Processing (Gray scale image and blurring image)


• Write a program that contain at least two functions.

• The first function is called grayscale(image). This function takes an image and return a grayscale (black and white) version of the image. When all three RGB channel have the same value, you get a shade of gray image. You can take the three-color channels and combine them to get a value that we called luminance for that particular pixel.


Create a class to represent light bulbs

Create a class called Bulb that will represent a light bulb. It should have instance variables for the manufacturer (String), part number (String), wattage (int) and lumens (int) Get and Set methods should be included - Override the equals and toString methods from class Object .


List of Bulbs

Create a class called BuIbNode which has fields for the data (a Bulb) and next (BuIbNode) instance variables, i


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