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Generating random DNA sequences with a specified frequency in C++

Chargaff rule states that "a double-stranded DNA molecule globally has percentage base pair equality: %A = %T and %G = %C."

However, %A and %G varies with organisms. For instance, humans have, approximately, 29% A and 21% C.


Write a C++ program that generates random genomic sequences with percentages of A, T, C, given above. The program takes the requested sequence length from the user, generates the random sequence, an


C++ Temperature Conversion Program

For this assignment, you are going to write a program that takes in information from the user and converts the Celsius temperature into Fahrenheit and Kelvin.  Then it will display as shown below.

The program will need to get the following information from the user:

1. Name

2. Month

3. Day

4. Year

5. City

6. State

7. Temperature in Celsius (needs to be a float).

Then the program w


Java LinkedStack and StackApps Classes and Data Structures


a. Completing the LinkedStack class


In the LinkedNumberStack class, you are required to implement the following methods:


push(int v) – This method adds an integer to the top of the stack.


pop() – This method removes an element from the top of the stack and returns the element. It throws a RuntimeException "pop attempted on an empty stack" if this


Python Week 3-command line menu-driven application

The first exercise produces a command line menu-driven python application providing users with the ability to search and display U.S. State Capital, population and Flowers. The second part documents your testing and pylint analysis results.


Python command line menu-driven application that allows a user to display, sort and update, as needed a List of U.S states containing the state capital, overall state population, and state


Python Week 4-Numpy and Hashlib

Allows a user to enter and validate their phone number and zipcode+4. Then the user will enter values of two, 3x3 matrices and then select from options including, addition, subtraction, matrix multiplication, and element by element multiplication. You should use numpy.matmul() for matrix multiplication (e.g. np.matmul(a, b) ). The program should compute the appropriate results and return the results, the transpose of the results, the mean of t



In this assignment, we will be developing a set of methods to create  "bulletproof " code for handling user input from a Scanner. This way, no matter what the user types, our code will not crash, nor throw an exception.

The following snippet of code is supposed to allow the user to input an integer and then will print the value to the console (naive implementation):


int number, min=1, max=10;

Scanner keyboard =


Heap Algorithm Task

1. Illustrate the operation of MAX-HEAPIFY(A, 2) on the array A = { 25,17,19,37,26,54,38,68,35,24,56,31 } by re-drawing the tree for every swap.


2. Illustrate the operation of BUILD-MAX-HEAP on the array A = { 19,32,18,52,43,37,29,71,63 } by re-drawing the tree for every swap.


3. In class, we showed the correctness of the insertion sort algorithm using a loop invariant, i.e., we showed that the three propertie


Java ADT Task

You’ve been provided with seven files:,,,,,, and is a basic implementation of the ArrayList class provided by the Java library. is a basic implementation of the LinkedList class provided by the Java library. is an interface that describes many of th


Word and WordStack Classes in C++


Finish the provided specifications for the Word and WordStack classes. The WordStack Class will act as a stack of Word objects. You must implement your own linked list for this assignment. Additionally create a driver to demonstrate the features of the WordStack class. The driver will read and write files to reverse all of the words of some input file.

Finish the Word class implementation in Word.cpp


Python OOP Exercises



Using the class Vehicles defined below:

You can start by:

# define the Vehicle class 

class Vehicle:

    def init (self, k, c): 

        self.kind = k self.color = c


# create car1 and car2 here

# print color and kind for car1 and car2 using 2 separate print statements



Desired Output: red convertible blue van


CMPS 285 Java Assignment 2


You can complete the first two questions and put them in the same file. The second two questions should be in separate files.

Question 0:


10 points


Write a method called findMean. This method will take in an ArrayList of integers and it will return a double. You will use this method in question 1, so you do not need to test it here.

Please use the following signature: findMean (ArrayLis


Permutation Cipher in C++

The permutation ciphers are used to generate a ciphertext (encrypted text) by re-arranging the position of the letters in a given plaintext.


How does it work?

1. Select the block size (n) and a permutation.

2. Divide a given plaintext into blocks of n letters and use ‘x’ as padding, if necessary.

3. Apply a permutation to each block and generate the encrypted ciphertext.


For example, f


XYZ Hazard Control

Company XYZ has a hazard control model and a few employees. For the employees, there are two project leaders Chuck and Denise, and two supervisors Jack and Jeff. Jack supervises regular workers John, Mary, Jane, Tom and Nick. Jeff supervises workers Rob, Ed, Rick and Michael. Chuck leads workers Joe, Frank, Sam and Greg. Denise leads workers Amy, Wil, Nancy and Adam. Bob is the manager of Jack and Jeff, while Rachel is the manager of Chuck and


Java Generics

Java generics allows an ArrayList object to be constrained to use a single specific type (e.g. ArrayList<Integer>). However, some applications require the ability to store objects of multiple unrelated types. In this question the aim is to store Integer objects alongside LinkedList<Integer> objects.

(a) One solution is to use ArrayList<Object>, since all Java objects extend Object.

Explain why this is bad practi


MIS 433 COVID19 Report

Give dataset:

Given: # Run cell to import libraries

import geopandas as gpd

import pandas as pd


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