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Java Arrays

This assignment asks you to write a collection of little functions that all operate on an array of integers.


In your test class, declare and initialize two literal integer arrays in main(), called sampleArray1 and sampleArray2 with the following values: int[] sampleArray1 = {4,7,9,3,2,8,15,6,8,7}; int[] sampleArray2 = {12,6,4,8,3,7,11,1,6}; You will use these arrays for testing your class later on. Implement a class called Int


C# Cell Solutions Program

Cell Solutions, a cell phone provider, sells the following packages:

800 minutes per month $45.00 per month

1500 minutes per month $65.00 per month

Unlimited minutes per moth $99.00 per month


Customers may also select the following options:

Email $25.00 per month

Unlimited text messaging $10.00 per month


The provider sells the following phones:

Model 100: $29.95


Modify the TCP Python server

Find digits in a message received in the TCP server posted above. A TCP client must send the TCP server a message containing alphabets and digits. The server finds only digits in the message and send the digits to the client. – 80 points


If the client sends “exit”, the connection between the client and server is terminated, and the server prints "goody bye". – 20 points


Python Object Oriented Assignment (Book Class)

Design a ‘book’ class with title, author, publisher, price and author’s royalty as instance variables. Provide getter and setter properties for all variables. Also define a method royalty() to calculate royalty amount author can expect to receive the following royalties:10% of the retail price on the first 500 copies; 12.5% for the next 1,000 copies sold, then 15% for all further copies sold.Then design a new ‘ebook’ class inherited


Integer Set in Java

In this assignment, you will produce two implementations of an integer set with the same public interface, as given by the interface type. The set method adds an element to the set. The clear method removes an element from the set. The test method tests whether an element is in the set. The min and max methods give the smallest and largest element of the set. Thus, one way of looking at all elements of the set is:



Java Table Abstract Data Type (INFS 519 Program 1)

Your program will create a class to implement the Table abstract data type and then use this class to implement a simple address book.

Table is an ADT which stores pairs of values: a key and a value. The key must be unique and is used to identify the pair. There are three operations:


• value lookup(key) searches the table for a pair with the given key and returns the corresponding value.

• boolean insert(key,


Develop a Windows Form Application [VB. Net Assignment]

Develop a Windows Form Application that takes a product name and a year and shows the corresponding demand. If the product or the year does not exist, the application throws an exception and an error message. The application can also display a table with demand values for all products and all years. Please see the screenshots below at the bottom of the assignment, where the main form and different input values are shown on the left and corresp


Java Lab 5, Activity 1. Hashing

1. Draw the 11-entry hash table that results from using the hash function, h(i) = (3i+5) mod 11, to hash the keys 12, 44, 13, 88, 23, 94, 11, 39, 20, 16, and 5, assuming collisions are handled by chaining.


2. Redo P1 assuming collisions are handled by linear probing.


3. Redo P1 assuming collisions are handled by double hashing using the secondary hash function d(k) = 7− (k mod 7).


4. Hash co


Working with Python Gmpy2. RSA Encryption and Decryption

RSA is a public encryption scheme. Its security assumptions are based on complexity theory: computing the product of two prime numbers is easy (polynomial time), but there is no efficient algorithm for factoring them back (so far, all factorization methods are in the non-polynomial class).

The keys for the RSA algorithm are generated the following way:

1. Choose two different large random prime numbers p and q

2. Calculate


Mean and Median C program

Design a program that will allow some number of grades (up to a max of 100) to be input by the user. After the data has been collected, your program should calculate and output the mean and median of the collected data, as well as the sorted grade information.




1. Use an integer constant of 100 to specify the number of elements in the array you will use to collect the grade informa


Programming Project 1 in Java

You learned that computers follow instructions faithfully and they never get tired of repeating the same thing over and over. You plan to write a simple program to see for yourself. After bragging a bit, the program asks the user to enter 2 numbers. After receiving and storing those it asks the user to enter one of the operations +, -, *, or /. 

The program then performs that operation on the two numbers and displays th


Python Book Repository OOP Assignment

Problem Statement: Small Book Repository Design and implement a simple interactive Book database for library users. In addition to building the base, the program should be able to search a particular book title from the database. The purpose of this lab is to gain experience in python’s class, methods and inheritance features.


In this assignment:


1. You need to use the concept of object, cla


Employee Payroll Project in Java

In this project you will be writing a payroll system for the Crunchy Crème Cupcake Factory.  Employees are paid twice a month, on the 15th and last day of the month.  The factory employees 3 categories of employees:

• Salaried employees who are paid based on a yearly salary, which is divided between 24 pay periods.

• Commission based employees, who have a yearly salary (24 pay periods), but also earn commission based on th


JavaScript Exercise

Question 1 

1. JavaScript and Java are really just two slightly different names for the same language.



1 points


Question 2 

1. Scripting languages are commonly used with video game engines to ease the development of game features that may need to be "fine-tuned" (such as in-game character behavior, item locations, etc.) while the main g


Write a program that prints to the screen [Java Exercise]

1. Write a program that prints to the screen all the even numbers from 2 to 100 and that starts a new line after every multiple of 20 (20, 40, 60, & 80). Save this file (class) as EvenNums.


2. Write a program that asks the user to type a 1,2,3, or 4. When the user types a 4, the program ends. If the user types 1,2, or 3 the program displays “Good job!!” and then asks the user for another input. When the user types any


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