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Python flow chart and code completion for ""

This assignment includes the attached “uncommented” file. Students are to download a copy of this file and in the editor of their choice, add comments to each line of code within the file. There should be 2 types of comments:

1.High-level comments that provide the outline of the main algorithm.

2.In-line comments that explain what each line of code does and highlight any possible issues with this code for progra


Python Assignment 3 - Solving Mathematical Problems

This assignment will give you experience on the use of:

1. Integers and floats

2. Mathematical operations

3. The float(), int(), round(), print(), and input()functions

4. Importing a Python module

The goal of this project is to gain experience with mathematical manipulation of numeric values. You will calculate areas and volumes to determine materials required for a gardening project.  The basic design consi


Java Exercises 10.1, 10.5 and 10.10

Exercise 10.1

(The Time Class) Design a class named Time. The class contains:

The data fields hour, minute and second that represent a time.

A no-arg constructor that creates a Time object for the current time. (The values of the data fields will represent the current time)

A constructor that constructs a Time object with a specified elapsed time since midnight, January 1 1970 in mi


IT-209– Homework #05 – Manager Classes

Create one Python file that has the following:

1. UserInputManager class

2. DBManager class

3. main method


1 - Manager class: UserInputManager




-field (str) – the name of the item we are asking the user to enter

-The str that the user entered

-Ask the user for the field.




Python Interactive Inventory System


Develop and interactive inventory system where a user is presented with items on the ground that they can interact with. You should prompt so that they can enter commands that impact an inventory. The following command should be provided at a minimum.

Pickup should accept and item name, for example, "pickup sword". When the user picks up a sword, it should be added to their inventory.

Drop should


HS1031 Introduction to programming

Group Assignment Specifications

This assignment evaluates your understanding of basic programming principles using Python language. In particular, it assesses your ability to develop algorithms to solve simple problems, successfully develop and run python programs, and your ability to write meaningful comments when necessary. The assignment also provides a platform for students to work together in groups to develop solutions, which rese


Task Planning-Problem Solution and Multiple-Document Interface (MDI)

The final submission for this project involves the ability to select the input database dynamically, developing forms to display and modify the data, display the solution to the task planning problem visually, and creating a multiple- document interface to contain and manage all forms within a main container form. Open the project template and study the code in the classes Nodes, Arcs, Database, Optimization and frmSolver in detail. Then follo


CIS 325 – Programming for Business Data Analytics



1. The lectures and in-class exercises posted in our course site, are annotated examples of effective Python script submissions. Students should take the time to study these in-class exercises to see examples of successful Python scripts in practice for this assignment.

2. A successful assignment submission has Python code that is ready to run in Anaconda Spyder by hitting the Run f


Android Studio Project

Assignment Instructions

Turn-Ins:  "Button Controls" and "Text Controls":


(A) Create 2 programs/projects 1."Button Controls" 2. "Text Controls"  in Android Studio. (hint: MacLean Book Chapter 3)

    "Button Controls" should have one basic button, one image button (search online for free image icons), one toggle button.

    "Text Controls" should have one TextView, on


Using Java built-in Lists

Many online questionnaire tools like SurveyMonkey, Doodle Poll, etc. allow creating a questionnaire made of several types of questions: Yes/No, Short-answer, Likert scale, etc. In this assignment, you will write classes that represent different types of questions, and a class to represent a questionnaire.


Each question, irrespect


Array Interface Assignment

Array-Lecture assignment 

Q1. Modify the Array class (student files included) defined in this Lecture to make it behave more like Python’s list class. The solution must include the code that tests your modifications to the Array class and your result windows.

a. Add an instance variable logicalSize to the Array class. This variable is initially 0 and will track the number of items currently available to users of the array. The


Office Building Assignment in Python

Office Building

You must programmatically create an office building. You will have to create 5 classes, Elevator, Programmer, Artist, Executive, and Worker. All the classes will work with each other. Please use any python data structures (List, Sets, and Dictionaries) and what we have learned about object-oriented programming to develop this program. You will find documentation for the functions that you must implement


Java strings, loops, methods, complex conditions, loose pseudocode to code, coding choices evaluation


Objective: Write a method that matches a specific signature. See an example of your method being called on user input and hardcoded data.


Finish the program by writing the method called vowelsCt that takes one String argument and returns the number of vowels in that string. vowelsCt does NOT read any user input. Please read the main method


CISY2320 Assignment 3 in C#


This assignment is designed to learn programming in C#.



(1) (2 marks) In Visual Studio, create and test a C# console application that does the following:

(1) Create three variables of the string data type, named first_name, last_name, and

full_name respectively;

(2) Use the built-in function Console.ReadLine() to get the user’s input f


DPIT111 Lab Exercise 3

Lab week 5


• Get familiar with data type, variable, expression, method, parameter list and return type

• Distinguish local variables from parameters

• Get familiar with Class and object

• Get familiar with Sequential Execution


Exercise 1 (3%) is marked on a scale from 0-3 marks.

• Question 1: 0.5 mark

• Question 2: 0.5 mar


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