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CS3101 Sample Coursework

Working in a group of 2 (or, exceptionally, a group of 3) the aim of this course work is to produce a program that satisfies a requirement for a system to be agreed with your tutor. You must agree the course work topic and list of functions by week 21. This must be uploaded to weblearn. Each group member must submit two files: 


1.The code listing, commented throughout, especially with the section headings showing theauthor of


Affine and Vigenere Cipher

This assignment you are required to complete these problems using JavaScript Node.js or Python. Your assignment will be email to me as one zip file which must include instructions on how to compile and execute your code. If we are unable to compile and execute your code, you will receive zero points for that portion of the assignment. Students will not be allowed to submit modifications to their code following the deadli


Ordered Linked List

In this programming exercise you are going to design, implement and test an ordered linked list based on the generic List class introduced in the notes. The purpose of this exercise is to understand in detail the use of inheritance through generic methods that are provided in superclasses and can be used in diverse subclasses, resulting in reusability and extensibility. In this specific case, generic find, insert and remove methods will be add


Processing wikipedia metadata with python

Every time a Wikipedia article is revised, which is frequently (check out this fun snarky article on Edits Per Day), the site generates some metadata -- data about the revision and the article that got revised. It stores things like the article number, the username of the person who did the editing, a timestamp, etc. All of this metadata is logged and stored forever on their servers.

For this assignment, we’ve gathered some wiki metad


Create a VB.NET Windows Form Application

1. (5 marks) Create a VB.NET Windows Form Application that does the following:

(1) Display two textboxes and a button. The user is expected to input a student’s A-number into the first textbox and input a name into the second textbox.

(2) Display a message “XXXXXX’s student A-number is A########” below the button after the user inputs and clicks the button, where XXXXXX and A######## should be the input n


Use an online IDE (coding) platform and implement the following simple operation:

1. Pick a language of your choice (Python/Java/C/C++, etc)

2. Find a cryptography library in the language, that can be used to encrypt and decrypt.

3. Go to the online IDE to implement the following.

4. Read a message from a file or stdin (the online IDE should support this)

5. Use the key "S3cR3TP@55w0rD", and a random IV in CBC mode.

6. encrypt the text using any encryption function supported in the library


Encrypted Communication


The goal of this assignment is to give you practical experience in using cryptographic libraries to implement encryption functionality in your code, especially in regard to data in transit i.e. network communications.


To this end, you are provided with two pieces of code ( and written in the Java programming language. The code implements a simple socket communication p


Java Accounts and Transaction Classes

Develop Java classes so we can manage bank accounts and typical banking transactions. There are three types of transactions: deposit, withdrawal, balanceRequest:

    -a deposit is used to increase the amount in an account

    -a withdrawal is used to decrease the amount in an account a balance request causes a display on System.out

    -Most transactions specify a date, a type, an amount, and an account number.


Java Assignment 9

In this assignment, you will practice using Data Structures and Object Oriented concepts in Java. Your implementation should target the most efficient algorithms and data structures. You will be graded based on the efficiency of your implementation. You will not be awarded any points if you use simple nested loops to implement the below tasks.


You should use one or more of the below data structures:

- ArrayList :


Lottery Game using Visual Basic

You are to create a VB program to simulate the lottery.  The exact design of the program is up to you, but must contain at least the following:

•  Check list box to allow the user to pick 4 numbers from 1 to 40.  Your   program will not allow the user to pick more or less than 4 numbers

•  Your program will generate 4 random lottery numbers between 1 and 40.

•  You will check to see if the user’s numbers mat


Saleperson Java Assignment

Use a set of arrays to solve the following problem. You do not need to implement more than one class for this problem:


A company has three salespeople (1 to 3) who sell five different prod


C# Week 8 Assignment

In this assignment, you’ll add code that calculates the number of nights, total price, and average price for a reservation based on the arrival and departure dates the user enters.

Both textboxes must have dates entered for the calculations to be performed.

The arrival date must be before the departure date.

Weeknight (including Sunday) rate is $120; Friday and Saturday night rate is $150.


Java Assignment 1 – Quiz Taking Program


After completing this assignment, the student should be able to:

1. Draw a class diagram.

2. Design test cases scenarios.

3. Design junit test cases.

4. Read data from a file.

5. Write data to a file.

6. Add to, find and traverse an arrayList.

7. Use inheritance and override methods.

8. Create abstract classes.


Problem Specifica


Programming Principles (CSP1150)

Assignment Overview

You are required to design and implement a “Maths Test” program that generates and presents simple maths questions to the user for them to answer. Once the test has been completed, the program displays the user’s overall score/result.

The entirety of this program can be implemented in under 115 lines of code (although implementing optional additions may result in a longer program). This


Rewrite Lab 1

Dog Years to be a function called calculate_dog_years()

It should take 3 parameters (firstname, lastname, age)

First name will have a default of John, Last Name will default to Doe, and Age will Default to 18

If the user's age is under 13, tell them they are not old enough to use this program

If the  user's age is over 100, tell them "let us just stick to human years"

It should print out similar results in o


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