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Develop and Test Benchmark Project in C#


Submit a soft copy of your Benchmark Project in C# and test documents through digital Dropbox in Moodle. All code must be commented, this includes both triple slash XML comments (every class, method, and constructor) and inline comments. Your test documents must include all the test cases and

your judgement and comments when using the following required testing methods.




C# Stocklist Program

1.Create a simple graphical user interface that will read a text file and display the contents on screen. The program will then allow alterations to be made to the “Current Count” field only, and when the required adjustments have been made, the text file is adjusted (or a new text file is written) with the adjusted amounts being represented.


CECS 277 – Project 2 – Rock Paper Scissors Mind Reader

Each round the computer will make a prediction of which type of throw the user will choose, Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Based on this prediction the computer then chooses a throw that will beat the user’s choice. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock. The user selects their throw and then the computer’s choice is revealed. A point is given to the winner and the game repeats until the user quits.




Programming Assignment 3 Enhanced Employee Hierarchy

For this assignment, you are going to enhance the Employee Hierarchy that you created in Programming Assignment 2 by adding an interface called Compensation with the following two methods:


earnings() - receives no parameters and returns a double.

raise(double percent) - receives one parameter which is the percentage of the raise and returns a void.

Create the abstract class


CIT1154- Assignment 2, Big Numbers

Conditional statements, functions, scope



Write a simple program to print a large version of the number digits. The program should be written with functions:

• One function to print the program “Welcome banner”

• One function to get a valid choice from the user (0-9 or X)…only the first character entered should be considered.

• One function to


Python Exercise 6

Exercise 1: Using list comprehension, find all of the numbers from 1-105 that are divisible by 7


Exercise 2: Use list comprehension to count the number of spaces in a string


Exercise 3:


Python Exercise 7

Question 1: N.B. This question is worth 5 points! Write a function find_even(L) that takes in a


Assessment Event 3 – Group Assignment

Create a Python program that will compute the orders for a Takeaway shop. The program will show a summary of the total order amount and the average amount per order. The user will have the option of continuing by adding additional orders.

An order set must contain one item from Main Menu and optionally additional items. Each order contains a number of identical order sets. The subtotal is the total amount of an order. The program should


Application Development using Java


The CASUAL WRITERS BOOK CLUB is a club where recreational writers can share their unpublished books for the enjoyment of other members in the club.

They have asked you to develop a console based, object-oriented solution. They require a system to keep track of the books in their club.  The system must have the option to add a book, delete a book, view a particular book, view all books and exit.


Add Book


Python Temperature Converter

You are to develop a program that the user will enter a group of temperatures to be processed. First, you must ask the user if the temperatures they are entering are in Fahrenheit or Celsius format.

You will need to convert the temperatures to the opposite format. Then you add both temperatures to a total for each group. The number of temperatures to enter will be eight. Once you have completed entering all eight temperatures.



Python Billing Application

You own a restaurant. In your restaurant, you sell the following:

Hamburger $3 each

Hot Dog $2 each

Milk Shake $3 each


Start by writing a function with a name like calculateBill that will do the following:


- Allow the caller to pass in three parameters:

    1.the number of hamburgers to buy

    2.the number of hot dogs to buy

    3.the number of milk shakes to bu


Change Calculator in Python

In this project you will be programming toward a solution of a problem using decision making blocks such as if statements. Your project must contain the use of if, else, elif blocks.

You will write a program that will prompt the user for the total change amount as an integer input, and your program will output the change using the fewest coins, one coin type per line.

The coin types are dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and penn


ISM3230 In- Class Lab 8


TOPIC: Introduction to classes, attributes, methods

In Assignment 4 we kept track of student numerical scores and equivalent letter grades. The scores were stored in an array, and the grades were stored in a second array. The relationship between the arrays was implicitly based on the index: for example, it was assumed that studentScore[3] is related to studentGrade[3] because they both are for student number 3. In object-orie


CSCI 1436 Fall 2019 Assignment 3


Develop a menu-driven application to invoke functions for text compression according to the problem specification and design constrains specified below. 



Choose either the keyword, run-length, or Huffman encoding data compression technique. Then enter the text to use for that choice of technique. For keyword encoding access a table of words and symbols to use


Visual Basic application for visualization of a network of planar connections between 10 colleges in Virginia

For this assignment, you are going to develop an application for visualization of a network of planar connections between 10 colleges in Virginia. The application uses a database of connections between colleges and the distances in between. By querying this database, the application creates a list of colleges as nodes and a list of connection


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