C# Basket Ball Program



You’ll create a program that will allow the user to print the scores from NBA games in 2008 and 2009. The application will consist of two DateTimePickers and a drop down with all the NBA teams listed so that the user can select which games they would like printed, and three print buttons: Page Setup, Print, and Print Preview.


Application Design

You will use the database Basketball Scores.mdb (available from the S drive and blackboard) to complete this project. It contains scores from over 1300 basketball games from 2008 and 2009. For each game, the date of the game, home team and away team are listed, as well as the home team’s score and away team’s score.


Your form should have two DateTimePickers: one for the start date and one for the end date. The start date should default to June 1, 2008 and the end date should default to Oct. 31, 2009. The dropdown should have “All Teams” as its first option, and then each NBA team listed after that. You can enter this information yourself, you do not need to load it from the database.


When the user clicks the print button, the program should print all games that are between the start date and the end date for which the selected team is playing (either as the home team or the away team). If the user has selected “All Teams” from the dropdown menu, then all games between the start date and end date should be printed.


The Page Setup and Print Preview buttons should behave as they would be expected to.


Report Format

Each game printed out should print all the available information. For example (note score should be condensed into one column, showing the home team’s score first):

October 29, 2009              Portland               Denver                 94-97


This information should be lined up into columns in the printout.


The printout should also have a header that appears on the first page only, with “NBA GAMES” in larger letters at the top, and the search dates just below it:



June 1, 2008 – October 31, 2009


On each page, there should also be a header for the columns (below the header on the first page, at the top of all other pages).

Date                   Home                   Away                     Score



If the user makes the margin unreasonably wide so that the entire set of game information does not fit on a line, you do not need to wrap that information on the next line—you can simply display the line on the page, as long as the clip rectangle is set up so that text that spills into the margins is not seen. You may also assume that each page is set up so that the headers and at least one line of results will fit onto one page.




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