Python Movie Assignment

Complete the attached file, TODO statements included. Reading from attached .txt file, sample output is below


loading file.....

Not the correct format: NULL1984

Not the correct format: TOOMANYCOMMAS,,,,,,9999

Second element is not a number: ONE,ONE

Choose a movie to serialize:



3:Blade Runner(1982)


5:The Wizard of Oz(1939)


7:Star Wars(1977)

9:Close Encounters(1977)

10:King Kong(1933)

12:The Matrix(1999)

13:Back to the Future(1985)

15:Planet of the Apes(1968)


Enter choice: ET

Enter a number

Enter choice: 2001

Number not in range: 2001

Enter choice: 1

2001 (1968) pickled to movie.p


class Movie():

def __init__(self,title="", year=0):

self.__title = title

self.__year = year

def parseLine(self, line):

# TODO: Set attributes based on line

# Create an Exception if it is not in the appropriate format:

# - (, separated -- 2 elements, and the second is a number)

line_array = line.split(',')


def __str__(self):

return(self.__title +"("+str(self.__year)+")")


def main():


# Write a main method that reads in the MovieDataErr file line by line (must use the parseLine() function you write)

# It should handle the error raised by parseLine, by print a message about the line not being parseable and continue on

# Display a menu of all the valid Movies 

#- (Must be flexible if I were to change the file used)

#- allow the user to choose a single file to output as a pickle

#- (MUST use numbers for choice <- errror handling REQUIRED, should work for ANY input)

# When the user chooses a file, output the chosen pickled object to a pickle file *.p


if __name__=="__main__":


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