Python Assignment

1- Two variables, x and y, supposedly hold strings of digits. Write code that converts these to integers and assigns a variable z the sum of these two integers. Make sure that if either x and y has bad data (that is, not a string of digits), z will be assigned the value of -1. 

2- Two variables, num_boys and num_girls, hold the number of boys and girls that have registered for an elementary school. The variable budget holds the number of dollars that have been allocated to the school for the school year. Write code that prints out the per-student budget (dollar spent per student). If a division by zero error takes place, just print out the word "unavailable". 

3- Three variables, x, y and z, supposedly hold strings of digits, suitable for converting to integers. Write code that converts these to integers and print the sum of these three integers. However, if any variable has a value that cannot be converted to an integer, print out, the string "bad value(s) in: " followed by the names of the variables that have bad values (separated by spaces, in alphabetically ascending order). For example, if the values of x, y and z were respectively "3", "9", "2" then the number 14 would be printed; but if the values were "abc", "15", "boo" then the output would be: bad value(s) in: x z

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