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Python Musical Instruments Assignment

Musical instruments are classified into families, based on the way they are played. The woodwind family (clarinet, bassoon, etc) are played by buzzing a wooded reed. The brass family is played by bowing and buzzing the lips against a metal mouthpiece. The string family is played by drawing a bow across the strings. A related family, the plucked string (guitar, harp) is played by plucking strings with the finger.


Your task is t


C Programming Assignment 2

Question 1

Print all numbers in the range 100 − 0 (inclusive) in steps of 4 in descending order.

Example Output







. 0


• Using a loop (4 points).

• Printing in descending order (2 points).

• Printing in steps of 4 (2 points).

• Printing the given range (2 points).


Question 2


Information TechnoIogy 604, Server-Side Web DeveIopment, Assignment #3

The objective of this assignment is to give you a chance to write some very simple web applications to familiarize yourself with the process of managing user input.

Any code that you return to the browser must be structured using valid HTML5. Although the presentation is not required, any presentation that you do choose to apply must be accomplished using valid CSS.

All pages should be published (and tested) in a subdirectory nam


CSCI142 Assignment 3

For this program, you will implement an ADT known as a “deque” (double-ended queue). This ADT provides both Stack and Queue functionality. You will implement it as a linked collection from scratch without using any interfaces or classes from the Java Collections Framework (java.util). The files and have already been provided to you. You will not make any changes to and you will fill in the SimpleDeque c


Java Homework: BingeWatch, DivisibleBy,LeapYear and AverageGrade classes

1.Using the provided classname and main method, write a program that prompts the user with the phrase "Enter Two Numbers: ", that then reads in two integers typed on the keyboard and outputs their sum, difference, and product, each on a different line. Your program should only output the values you compute, with no text or labels to identify them.


2. Using the provided classname and main method, write a program as follows: Eli


CSCI142 Assignment 4

This program is meant to be your first basic Object-Oriented Program (OOP). You will write 2 of your own classes, each of which represent a 2D shape and inherit some methods from a base class. You will then tie the program together with a Main class which has been partially written and provided to you.  See the Example Output for examples of program runs.

Here is the link to the GitHub Classroom assignment:





Assignment 1: WK2 - JDBC Program



Write a JDBC program to connect to the database and retrieve the Employee Name, Salary and Job columns from the employee table with the following structure.

Column Name Data Type


Employee_Id Number(5)

Employee Name Varachar2(20)

Salary Number(9,2)

Job Varchar2(20)

Manager_Id Number(5)

Upload in Assignments as Last Name JDBC.doc (e.g. Smith JDBC)



CSCI-2467 Lab 5 – Holding Tank Class


You will create a Java class that simulates a water holding tank. The holding tank can hold volumes of water (measured in gallons) that range from 0 (empty) up to a maximum. If more than the maximum capacity is added to the holding tank, an overflow valve causes the excess to be dumped into the sewer system.



The class will be named HoldingTank. The class attributes will consist of two int fi


Java execution time, bubble sort and bean machine

7.16 (Execution time) Write a program that randomly generates an array of 100,000 integers and a key. Estimate the execution time of invoking the linearSearch method in Listing 7.6. Sort the array and estimate the execution time of invoking the binarySearch method in Listing 7.7. You can use the following code template to obtain the execution time: long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); perform the task; long endTime = System.currentTime


Assignment 4: Java GUI


This program is meant to give you practice with a Java Swing graphical user interface (GUI), in the form of a university student database/registrar program. You will load a file with student information and meet the following requirements:

• the GUI look and feel is up to you

• student information will be loaded into a List of Student objects (displayed however you wish)

• the student List must be sort


CMIT 242 Project 4

The fourth programming project involves writing a program to manage a real estate database. This program should be comprised of an enumerated type, an interface and two classes. The enumerated type should be named Status and should contain three enumeration literals, FOR_SALE, UNDER_CONTRACT and SOLD.

The interface should be a generic interface named StateChangeable and it should have a bounded generic type parameter whose type must be


Assignment 4 Project 1

For this project you will create a database for a virtual library.

The books from the library can be “checked out” by Users for a fixed period of time. For this assignment let us assume that books cannot be renewed. A User may check out any number of books at a time. Since the books are eBooks, any number of Users can check out a book at the same time.

• The library contains a collection of eBooks. Basic information about e


CSBP 319 Data structures

A company would like to implement its inventory of smartphones as a doubly-linked list, called MobileList. 


1. Write a Mobile node class, called MobileNode, to hold the following information about a smartphone: 

• code (as a String) 

• brand (as a String) 

• model (as a String) 

• price (as int) 


MobileNode should have constructors and methods (getters, setters, and to


Function module assignment in python

Module and Import


For these 3 problems,


-You are writing a function to calculate a formula in the module.


-You are going to import the modules to the main.


-Write 3 more functions in the main


-Don't do any formula calculation in the main just use module functions and return your result.


-Call each main function twice to test t


Environment Inheritance

Class Relation UML


class uml diagram


NOTE: Make sure to know what is public versus private (habitat and hunger and public attributes so that the sub-classes can access them). plantGrow function is private since we don’t want outside forces adding vegitation; it should only be controlled by the environment itself


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