Python Interactive Inventory System


Develop and interactive inventory system where a user is presented with items on the ground that they can interact with. You should prompt so that they can enter commands that impact an inventory. The following command should be provided at a minimum.

Pickup should accept and item name, for example, "pickup sword". When the user picks up a sword, it should be added to their inventory.

Drop should accept an item name, for example, "drop sword" which should drop one sword from their inventory.

Drop all should accept an item name, for example, "drop all potions" which would remove all potions from the user's inventory.



Use of dictionary for storing inventory items: 10%

Input loop 10%

Provide the user with random options on the ground: 10%

Pick up command: 20%

Drop command: 20%

Drop all command: 20%

Messaging to the user: 10%


Use of external file to store inventory data:bonus 10%

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