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Agile Development in C# - Programming Challenge 8.1

Create an application that allows the user to enter an employee's payroll information. It allows the user to enter a new employee, add hours worked and display all the employee information. A sample mainform is shown below




If the user clicks on the "Add New Employee" button a new form is displayed as shown in the fig


Business Computer Languages- JAVA - IT401

I. Project objective:

This project is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge in Java. It will allow you to develop your skills of working within a team, thanks to your interaction with your colleagues in designing and creating a small program.


II. Project Description: 

This project is about Find the Roots of a Quadratic Equation.

The standard form of a quadrati


Review structures, pointers and dynamic memory allocation from CSIT 839

Review structures, pointers and dynamic memory allocation from CSIT 839. Also, review pointers and dynamic memory allocation posted here under Pages. For sorting, you can refer to the textbook for Co Sci 839 or google "C sort functions". I've also included under files, a sample C source file named sort_ which gives an example of both sorting and binary search. The Bubble sort is the simplest. For binary search too, you can refer to Co Sci 839


Linearlist, Stack and Queue in Java

The Assignment

For this assignment, you will implement the interface from program #1 (LinearListADT) but with a doubly linked list rather than an array. Your implementation must be named LinearList. Additionally, you will write a Stack and a Queue, which you will build with your LinearList class via composition.

We want to segregate our data structures and separate them from any application programs. Accordingly,


CSCI 212 – Object-Oriented Programming in Java – Spring 2021

Program Description:

This project is intended for you to use programming concepts you learned in CSCI 111 (decision statements, loop statements) and apply them in a simple Java program (using some of the classes covered in lecture and lab). In addition, you will submit the project through Blackboard to make sure it is clear how to do that.

We will look at your coding style, documentation (comments) and, of course


Simple JavaScript Mortgage Calculator

Write a program to calculate monthly mortgage payments.

• You can try an example.

• And another.

• And yet another.

The program takes three GET inputs:

• Principal, e.g., 100000. Required, numeric, more than zero, less than one billion.

• Annual interest rate, e.g., 3.92. Required, numeric, more than zero, less than 20.

• Term in years, e.g., 30. Required, numeric, more than zero, le


Java Sorting Exercises

For the Java Exercise, you need to implement the following sorting methods:


• Insertion sort

• Cocktail Shaker sort

• A variation of Quick Sort

• External sort


You also need to implement an efficient, linear time, algorithm that takes two sorted arrays and returns an array of the elements that occur in both arrays.


You may not use any built-in sorting methods (or i


Galactic Trade Routes

The time for an interstellar trade route has come! The plaque sent out on the Pioneer probes was decoded by an alien civilization, and they have imparted to us the secrets of interstellar  travel. Your job is to find the two stars nearest to each other in our galaxy, and begin your trade route between these two star systems. Well assume that you can pick any two stars to begin your trade route; you don't have to start at Earth. Being as our g


Project 5 Driver’s License


• using parallel arrays, standard functions, reference parameters and value parameters to solve a problem.

• designing and describing algorithms using structure chart.



The local Driver’s License Office has asked you to write a program that grades the written portion of the driver’s exam. The exam has 20 multiple choice questions. A data file co


Lexicographic sorting based on a table of words

Propose an implementation in C language of the sort by base applied to an array of words, that is strings of characters formed only with unaccented letters of the alphabet.

The principle of sorting by base of a table of words can be summarized as follows: Input: an array T of nbwords words and the longmax the length of the largest word in T Output (side effect): array T sorted in ascending lexicographic order


COP 3223C Homework 2


For this assignment you will be working with numeric types, functions, and arrays. You will write three functions named IsDecimalInteger, GetSortingOrder, and RemoveExtraSpaces. All three functions should be in a single C source file named homework2.c. The descriptions of each function are listed below in the Function Requirements Section. Feel free to implement additional “helper” functions as you see


CS 212 – Spring 2021 – Project 1

Create a GUI called NumbersGUI (by extending JFrame as shown in lecture). The NumbersGUI should have a GridLayout of three rows and three columns.


For the numbers 1 to 100, fill the numbers into the “cells” of the GridLayout so that the first cell (top left or cell [1,1]) contains those numbers that are evenly divisible by 2. Cell [1,2] those that are evenly divisible by 3, cell [1,3] those that are evenly divisible by 4,


Lab 7 class layout tool in Java

Lab 7

Develop a class layout tool like the Java's built-in executable file “javap” to show the skeleton of a .class file. The tool can display the fields, methods, exceptions and constructors of a given .class file without source code. The following gives an example. After compiling the following file on the left, the byte code NewClass.class is rendered. Your developed tool can accept NewClass.class a


Lab 9 - Coffee Making Machine in C#

Develop a versatile coffee making machine (CMM). The CMM has a number of functionalities: setCoffeeType(String str), setGrindingTime(int secs), addCondiment(CondimentIF type), setTemperature(int degree), setLEDNumber(int num), computePrice(CoffeeIF cif), and done( ) to finish running. 

There are three built-in programs that make Regular, Mocha, and Cappuccino coffees, respectively. All programs have a run() method to control the CMM. T


CSS220 Python Programming Assignment - Rock, Paper, Scissors


Rock, Paper, Scissors (also known by several other names, see is an extremely popular hand game most often played by children. Often, it is used as a method of selection similar to flipping a coin or throwing dice to randomly select a person for some purpose. Of course, this game is not truly random since a skilled player can often recognize and exploit the no


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