Program Assignment 1: Event-Driven Programming

Description: Develop a Java program that creates a standalone GUI application that simulates an e-store (we’ll call our store Nile Dot Com… we’re not quite as big as!)1 which allows the user to add in-stock items to a shopping cart and once all items are included, total all costs (including tax), produces an invoice, and appends a transaction log file.


Your program development must include the following steps:

1. Create a main GUI containing the following components:

a. An area that allows the user to input data into the application along with the descriptive text that describes each input area.

b. A total of six buttons as shown below with functionality as described below.

c. As illustrated below, the various buttons on the interface are only accessible at certain points during a user’s interaction with the e-store.

2. An input file named “inventory.txt”. This is a comma separated file which contains the data that will be read by the application when the user makes a selection. Each line in this file contains four entries; an item id (a string), a quoted string containing the description of the item, in stock status (a string), and the unit price for one of the item (a double). A sample file is provided for you on WebCourses. Feel free to create your own input file for testing purposes or augment the provided input file.

3. An output file (append only) named “transactions.txt” must be created that uniquely logs each user transaction with the e-store. The unique transaction id will be generated as a permutation of the date/time string when the transaction occurred (see below).


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