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Javascript Assignment

Display your results for each question in a new line.

Write an explanation of your code for each line using comments. If the explanation is not clear, you will NOT receive full credit.

Use the Developer mode of your browser to access the JavaScript command line. You can edit your code in a separate file and then just paste it into the command line to run it. You will be submitting the file with JavaScript. This is the link to the


Visual C++ Assignment 2

Write an application (including algorithm) that uses the predefined functions, "sqrt" (square root), "pow" (power), "cbrt" (cube root), and "hypot" (hypotenuse).The declaration of these functions are contained in the "cmath" header file.

Therefore, that header file must be included in the application.


The application requires a loop that will run until the user makes a selection to "Quit". The application uses a menu (s


Python Text Adventure Game

In this assignment, students are tasked with designing a text-based adventure game (Links to an external site.). This game should utilize the Python essentials covered thus far, including, but not limited to:


Strings and String Manipulation

User-Defined Functions and Objects (variables)

User Input and Input Handling

Conditional and Nested Conditional Statements (if/elif/else)

Loops (for/while)


COSC 2336: Assignment 8 Linked List


In this assignment, you will be given an already templatized version of a LinkedList class. The implementation given is mostly the same one as described and presented in chapter 17 of our textbook. you will be adding some additional operations to the template LinkedList class for this assignment.

In particular, you will be adding functionality to use the linked list to search for items, delete items f


Magic 8 ball Java GUI


This program is intended to give you experience building a basic GUI application with Java Swing. You will utilize a few different JComponents and pop up a modal dialog upon a button press. More specifically, your program is meant to simulate a “Magic 8-Ball” program, where the user of your program has the ability to ask a yes/no question, and a random yes/no response is provided. Your program must meet the


Client Staffing VB.Net Project

The main objective of this progress report is to start your Visual Basic project for the Client Staffing Optimization problem, create classes for the required objects, build the database file and create the Database class to read the data into objects, design the form to display the data and build the code to manage the form.


Create a new project named Clientstaffing with an empt


CSE 11 Fall 2020 PA3 - Classical Ciphers Java

File to Submit (Extra Credit, optional)



In this assignment, we will practice implementing subroutines as methods for reusability and readability. We'll implement static methods with a variety of different return types and parameters and see method name overloading in practice.

Some Background

During quarantine,


Python file IO and exception handling

1. The Calloway Amateur Golf Club has a tournament every weekend. The club president has asked you to write two programs:

a) A function record_score() that will read each player's name and golf score as keyboard input, and save the file as golf_player_score.txt. Each entry record must have fields - Name of Player and Score of the player (Column Headings). Please create a record for at least 15 players with hypothetical names and scores.


Mechanics and Brands Optimization with VB.NET

For this assignment you are going to develop an application that assigns mechanics to stations of different car brands to maximize total expertise. For this problem, you will need to solve an assignment problem using linear mathematical programming. The set of mechanics and brands are:


Reaction Time Python Project

Reaction Time


The Scenario:


You are working for a marketing company that is trying to demonstrate the importance of paying attention while driving. The campaign is geared towards showing the devastating power that distraction, for example texting while driving, as well as alcohol and drugs has on the reaction time of a driver.


Question: Operating a motor vehic


Workshop Registration Project in C#

The following table shows a training company’s workshops, the number of days of each and their registration fees.

WorkshopNumber of DaysRegistration Fee

Handling Stress3$1,000

Time Management3$800

Supervision Skills3$1,500


How to Interview1$500


The training company conducts its workshops in the six locations shown in the following table.  The table also shows the


Java Language Generator

Implement a LanguageGenerator class that generates valid strings according to the production rules defined by the given Grammar. A Grammar consists of a Supplier field with a get() method that returns a Map<String, String[]> representing the production rules. (STARTER CODE ATTACHED IN DOC)


1) LanguageGenerator(Grammar grammar)


Constructs a new LanguageGenerator for the given grammar.




Java Term Project


You will develop a non-trivial program of your choice in Java Swing and present it by the end of this course.  The goal of this project is to demonstrate that you understand how to build a non-trivial OOP program with Java Swing GUI as a front end. A contract agreement between you and your instructor is required. The program needs to be of sufficient complexity to be approved. Ideally it will utilize many of th


Client Optimization Project Part 2 in VB.NET

The main objective of this progress report is to build the mathematical optimization model for the Client Staffing Optimization problem, connect to different databases for input and display tables in the database. You will continue building on your previous project from Progress Report 2 according to the instructions below, s


Binary tree project in C++

Set up your project with the given starting code. The files should compile and run, but either no tests will be run, or tests will run but be failing.


2. For this project, start by uncommenting the first TEST_CASE in the assg11-tests.cpp file. These are the unit tests to test the functionality of your BinaryTree insert() function, the class recursive method you are to implement.


3. Add the insert() public and


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