CSCI 212 – Object-Oriented Programming in Java – Spring 2021

Program Description:

This project is intended for you to use programming concepts you learned in CSCI 111 (decision statements, loop statements) and apply them in a simple Java program (using some of the classes covered in lecture and lab). In addition, you will submit the project through Blackboard to make sure it is clear how to do that.

We will look at your coding style, documentation (comments) and, of course, that the project works.

Check out the grading scheme in the Projects folder in Blackboard.


Program Requirements:


Write a Java program that will

1. Ask the user to type in a sentence, using a JOptionPane.showInputDialog().

2. The program will examine each letter in the string and count how many time the upper-case letter 'E' appears, and how many times the lower-case letter 'e' appears. The key here is to use the charAt method in class String.

3. Using a JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(), tell the user how many upper and lower case e's were in the string.

4. Repeat this process until the user types the word "Stop". (Check out the method equalsIgnoreCase in class String to cover all upper/lower case possibilities of the word "STOP").


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