Python Musical Instruments Assignment

Musical instruments are classified into families, based on the way they are played. The woodwind family (clarinet, bassoon, etc) are played by buzzing a wooded reed. The brass family is played by bowing and buzzing the lips against a metal mouthpiece. The string family is played by drawing a bow across the strings. A related family, the plucked string (guitar, harp) is played by plucking strings with the finger.


Your task is to create a class structure that allows a test program to create several instruments, with at least one of each family type. This is Similar to the SimUDuck presented here.


I created a python script file to help you start this lab. I inserted several comments and detailed descriptions of what is required. it included comments and some classes and functions are partially written.


-Call a display method that displays the instrument name and call a play method that prints out the way in which the instrument is played.

-Create an abstract instrument class, and extend it with specific instrument classes (Tuba, Violin, etc)

-Create a PlayBehaviour interface, and create classes that implement this interface with specific ways of playing (bowing, plucking, buzzing, etc.)


This UML diagram represents the structure of the classes to be written.

UML Diagram

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