Java execution time, bubble sort and bean machine

7.16 (Execution time) Write a program that randomly generates an array of 100,000 integers and a key. Estimate the execution time of invoking the linearSearch method in Listing 7.6. Sort the array and estimate the execution time of invoking the binarySearch method in Listing 7.7. You can use the following code template to obtain the execution time: long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); perform the task; long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); long executionTime = endTime - startTime;


7.18 (Bubble sort) Write a sort method that uses the bubble-sort algorithm. The bubblesort algorithm makes several passes through the array. On each pass, successive neighboring pairs are compared. If a pair is not in order, its values are swapped; otherwise, the values remain unchanged. The technique is called a bubble sort or sinking sort because the smaller values gradually “bubble” their way to the top and the larger values “sink” to the bottom. Write a test program that reads in ten double numbers, invokes the method, and displays the sorted numbers.


7.21 (Game: bean machine) The bean machine, also known as a quincunx or the Galton box, is a device for statistics experiments named after English scientist Sir Francis Galton. It consists of an upright board with evenly spaced nails (or pegs) in a triangular form, Balls are dropped from the opening of the board. Every time a ball hits a nail, it has a 50% chance of falling to the left or to the right. The piles of balls are accumulated in the slots at the bottom of the board. Write a program that simulates the bean machine. Your program should prompt the user to enter the number of the balls and the number of the slots in the machine. Simulate the falling of each ball by printing its path.Display the final buildup of the balls in the slots in a histogram. Here is a sample run of the program:Enter the number of balls to drop: 5; Enter the number of slots in the bean machine: 8; LRLRLRR; RRLLLRR; LLRLLRR; RRLLLLL; LRLRRLR; O; O; OOO


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