Function module assignment in python

Module and Import


For these 3 problems,


-You are writing a function to calculate a formula in the module.


-You are going to import the modules to the main.


-Write 3 more functions in the main


-Don't do any formula calculation in the main just use module functions and return your result.


-Call each main function twice to test the provided values.


1. Meter to Feet and Inches


One meter equals 39.37 inches and 1 foot equals 12 inches.


Write a function m_2_ft_inch (m) under the module


Import it to the main and another function named meter_to_feet_n_inch (meter) in the main. Call your function twice to test these 2 values.


i) 78 meter


ii) 245 meter


Hint: Use the remainder to solve this problem


Note: The result must be in feet and inches, suppose if it is 1.73 meters, your program should be able to print, 5 feet 8 inches


2. Kinetic Energy


Kinetic Energy equals 0.5 times mass (m) times square of velocity (v)


Write a function k_energy(m, v) under module Import it to the main then write a function named kine_energy that accepts two arguments of mass and velocity.


Call your function twice to test the following parameters.


i) Object_A: mass = 230 kg, velocity = 12 m/sec


ii) Object_B: mass = 330 Kg, velocity = 11 m/sec


3. Future Value Calculation


Suppose you have a certain type of saving account that earns compound interest in your deposit. You can calculate your amount with formula,


F = P . (1 + i) ^ t




F = Future value of the account after a certain time period


P = current balance of your account


i = annual interest rate, percent must be divided by 100 in calculations


t = number of years


Write a function my_future_value (p, i, t) under module Import the module to the main. In main write a function calculate_future_value (PV, interest, time). Call this function twice to calculate the future value with arguments for present value, interest rate, and the number of months as below.


a) P = $25000, i = 14.37% and t = 10 years


b) P = $133000, i = 16.70% and t = 13 years 


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