Computing salary in java

Computing Salary Increment 

write a program to calculate the bonus based on three possible ratings; "Excellent", "Good", and "Poor". 

• Excellent -  will receive a 50% raise, 

• Good - will receive a 15% raise, 

• moreover, poor will have a deduction of 10  % from their base salary.

The programme will print and calculate their bonus, and also print out their performance. 


You have to assume taking various inputs and decide how you will calculate. Salary, rating etc. any other assumption you may see fit. Try to make it as realistic as possible.  


Distribution of marks


Explain program in English what exactly it is doing and what are its various stages. Also,  explain what are different options you had and why a particular solution was  considered– 5 Marks 


The flow and working of the program – 5 Mark

Proper commenting and explanation -5  Marks

Demo – 5 Marks 

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