Google API Book, Google Map Assignments.

You will need the Google API Book. For the Google Map Assignments, we will be treating the book almost like a lab manual / tutorial and will be going through the exercises in the book. It can be a bit tedious at times, but it will allow you to understand the code a little better.


1. Be sure to read over chapter 1 and 2 first. Going through Chapter 3 is a good starting point if this is new to you by going through and coding the examples.

Google Assignment 1 will consist of the following:

Read carefully through chapters 4 and 5 to complete the map codes presented. For each map, you will end up with 3 files: an html file (.html), a JavaScript file (.js) file and a css file (.css). You can use any text editor (like notepad++) to create the files. Your map should show up generally like the book if everything is correct for each map. And be sure to code each map separately, don’t try to combine them all together. I’m attaching the files for chapter 3 (in the content tab) so you can get an idea. Be careful with file and directory names! That causes the most problems with this assignment. With Chapter 4 you will end up with 1 Map, but the other chapters you will end up with a few, depending on how you go through the examples.


2. You will need to submit all of the code for the maps in Chapter 4 and 5 (html, js and css files) (in the Labs & Projects tab). You may want to zip them all in one file to make it easier to attach. Be sure to submit by May 11th

Note***Just a note on the code for the Google Maps labs that we will be working on..... As the idea of the course is to experiment with many technologies over the semester to give students a breadth of technology exposure, we are treating the Google API 3 book as a tutorial. While a bit tedious, going through the book example by example will help you understand the Google map API better. That being said, I do realize that you can find the some completed code online for the text pre-written..... however, if I find anyone submitting this online code (or from other students) as their work and not actually doing their own work by typing and testing out the examples themselves, you will receive a 0 for all the Google Lab Assignments and very possible… failure for the course.


3.We will continue working through the google Map files for the other chapters. You may end up with several separate map files for each chapter. Try your best on these. There are some sample image files if you need them for chapter 6 located in the Labs / projects tab.

Ok. Now for the code fix


About two semesters ago Google’s MAP API was updated which will cause the map codes from the book to show with an error.

Google now requires a special API Key for all maps. So, when working and testing your maps

Replace the code the book has listed in the HTML file as:"></script>

With the following:<your-key-here>&callback=myMap"></script>


That should do the trick.

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