MasterMind GUI

Convert the attached code to a functioning GUI. Run the code to see the functioning text-based version. The GUI needs to have the capability to:


See the number of guesses left

See the previous guesses & the responses

Submit the color choices

Use color and not text (it is ok to use both to be sensitive to color blindness)

Get a response on win/loss

There is no specific requirement on colors/button placement/appearance (just make it function as a GUI - clicking/pushing rather than typing) - attached images are to give suggestions, there is no "right" appearance

All the game logic is in the attached .py file, the main point is making the GUI around the game logic and you can do this by importing the .py file or build the code into the .py file.

Link for refresher to Mastermind rules:

5 point bonus for a reset game after win loss

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