C++ Temperature Conversion Program

For this assignment, you are going to write a program that takes in information from the user and converts the Celsius temperature into Fahrenheit and Kelvin.  Then it will display as shown below.

The program will need to get the following information from the user:

1. Name

2. Month

3. Day

4. Year

5. City

6. State

7. Temperature in Celsius (needs to be a float).

Then the program will convert the Celsius temperature into Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperatures (pay attention to order of operations).  For the output lines, you will have to concatenate the input strings (you can use either concatenation operators).  Watch your spacing.  For lines 3 and 4 there is no space before the comma.  For the output of the temperatures, format the decimals to 1 place.

The output will be the following

1. A blank line

2. Hello, name

3. Today’s Date is Month  Day , Year

4. Current City: City , State

5. It is currently Celsius Temperature degrees Celsius

6. It is currently Fahrenheit Temperature degrees Fahrenheit

7. It is currently Kelvin Temperature degrees Kelvin

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