Workshop Registration Project in C#

The following table shows a training company’s workshops, the number of days of each and their registration fees.

WorkshopNumber of DaysRegistration Fee

Handling Stress3$1,000

Time Management3$800

Supervision Skills3$1,500


How to Interview1$500


The training company conducts its workshops in the six locations shown in the following table.  The table also shows the lodging fees per day at each location.

LocationLodging Fees per Day




Orlando        $300




When a customer registers for a workshop, he or she must pay the registration fee plus the lodging fees for the selected location.  For example, here are the charges to attend the Supervision Skills workshop in Orlando:

Registration: $1,500

Lodging: $300 X 3 days = $900

Total: $2,400


Create an application that lets the user select a workshop from one ListBox and a location from another ListBox.  When the user clicks a button, the application should calculate and display the registration cost, the lodging cost and the total cost.


Extra Credit 

Add a discount check box that can be used for premier members.  These users get a 10% discount off the registration fee, but not off the lodging.


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