Javascript Assignment

Display your results for each question in a new line.

Write an explanation of your code for each line using comments. If the explanation is not clear, you will NOT receive full credit.

Use the Developer mode of your browser to access the JavaScript command line. You can edit your code in a separate file and then just paste it into the command line to run it. You will be submitting the file with JavaScript. This is the link to the first part. There are 6 parts and you can get to other parts from this link: -


(5 points) Start with an array called inputtable. The array should have numbers between 1 and 10.

(30 points) Use inputtable from step 1 to create the following: -

Set of multiples of 5 between 1 and 51. Name it fiveTable

Set of multiples of 13 between 1 and 131. Name it thirteenTable

Set of squares of the numbers in inputtable. Name it squaresTable

(10 points) Get the odd multiples of 5 between 1 and 100. 5, 15, …

(20 points) Get the sum of even multiples of 7 between 1 and 100.

For example, find the multiples and then sum them: 14 + 28+…

(15 points) Use currying to rewrite the function below: -

(15 points) Use the following code to take advantage of closures to wrap content with HTML tags, specifically show an HTML table consisting of a table row that has at least one table cell/element. You can use the console to output your results.

(5 points) Following instructions

(Extra credit) Do the generic version of questions 3 and 4, meaning the target multiple must not be hardcoded – first odd or even and then the number whose multiples (in range 1 to 100) you want.

NOTE: Do NOT use a form of a ‘for’ loop anywhere, including iterators. This is meant to be a functional exercise.


function cylinder_volume(r, h){


var volume = 0.0;


volume = 3.14 * r * r * h;


return volume;




Use r = 5 and h = 10 to call your curried function.



makeTag = function(beginTag, endTag){


return function(textcontent){


return beginTag +textcontent +endTag;






Example output for #6. Note that the <th> tag is optional. Please do not use this data, but substitute your own values for the contents of the cells.



































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