Lottery Game using Visual Basic

You are to create a VB program to simulate the lottery.  The exact design of the program is up to you, but must contain at least the following:

•  Check list box to allow the user to pick 4 numbers from 1 to 40.  Your   program will not allow the user to pick more or less than 4 numbers

•  Your program will generate 4 random lottery numbers between 1 and 40.

•  You will check to see if the user’s numbers matched and display the count of how many numbers matched.

•  You are to have a button to clear the numbers picked and play again 

•  You are to have a button to end the program.  This button will also display how many times numbers were picked and how many times 1,2,3 or 4 numbers matched.  How you display this is up to you…message box, label,etc…

•  Create whatever controls you feel are necessary to the program

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