Rewrite Lab 1

Dog Years to be a function called calculate_dog_years()

It should take 3 parameters (firstname, lastname, age)

First name will have a default of John, Last Name will default to Doe, and Age will Default to 18

If the user's age is under 13, tell them they are not old enough to use this program

If the  user's age is over 100, tell them "let us just stick to human years"

It should print out similar results in other cases as with Lab 1 except this time enforce that the first letter of both firstname and last name are capitalized. So nathan becomes Nathan and green becomes Green

These commands should work


calculate_dog_years(lastname="Green", firstname="nathan",age=37)


calculate_dog_years(age=101) should print out "let us just stick to human years"

calculate_dog_years(age=10) should print out "not old enough"

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