Use an online IDE (coding) platform and implement the following simple operation:

1. Pick a language of your choice (Python/Java/C/C++, etc)

2. Find a cryptography library in the language, that can be used to encrypt and decrypt.

3. Go to the online IDE to implement the following.

4. Read a message from a file or stdin (the online IDE should support this)

5. Use the key "S3cR3TP@55w0rD", and a random IV in CBC mode.

6. encrypt the text using any encryption function supported in the library.

7. decrypt the output from step 6



Your program should output both the encrypted message (ciphertext) and the decrypted ciphertext.

For an online IDE, you might use:

Please submit your code and the link to your IDE sandbox (ensure the link works and goes to your code).

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