Computer Programming II Quadratic Equation Assignment

The purposes of this assignment include: passing of parameters, and command line parameters. You are to write a program to solve quadratic equations in all their possibilities (real or complex roots, or even degenerate equations). Your program should be invoked by the command:


solvequad a b c


where a, b, and c are coefficients. The solution should print on stdout.


If the solution is complex, the output should consist of a pair of expressions such as “2 + 3i” and “2 – 3i”. Other cases will result in either two real numbers being printed, a single real number, or perhaps just a message.


You must use separate compilation.



Summary of Quadratic Equation Activity


Main Program


• if 3 numbers provided on command line

    ◦ convert and assign coefficient a

    ◦ convert and assign coefficient b

    ◦ convert and assign coefficient c

    ◦ if a is zero

        ▪ if b is zero

            • display error message (degenerate equation)

        ▪ otherwise

            • solve linear equation (call solve_linear and send b,c)

    ◦ otherwise

        ▪ solve quadratic equation (call solve_quad and send a,b,c)

• otherwise

◦ display error message (must provide 3 coefficients on command line)




• calculate x = - c / b

Hint: you may need to use a cast to handle integer division

• print x




• if b^2 – 4ac < 0

◦ solve for 2 complex solutions (call solve_complex and send a,b,c)

• otherwise

◦ solve for 2 real solutions (call solve_real and send a,b,c)




• calculate x1

Hint: x1 = (-b + sqrt(b*b-4*a*c))/(2*a);

• calculate x2

• print x1 and x2




• calculate real part of solution

Hint: x_real = -b/2a

• calculate imaginary part of solution

Hint: x_imag= sqrt(b2 – 4ac)/2a

• print the real part and imaginary parts separated by a plus sign and followed by the letter i

Hint: printf(“%f + %fi\n”, x_real, x_imag);

• print the real part and imaginary parts separated by a minus sign and followed by the letter i

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