Java Quadratic Equation and Bill Calculation Assignment

Program 1

Write a java program to compute both roots of the quadratic equation with the user provides the three coefficients A, B and C.


A. Display your name

B. Display Project_2 Problem_1

C. Display This program computes both roots of a quadratic equation

D. Display given the coefficients A,B and C 

E. Real_1=0

F. Real_2=0

G. Imag=0

H. D=0

I. DD=0

J. Flag='Y'

K. Do


Display "Enter A"

Display "Enter B" 

Display "Enter C"


D = (math.pow(B,2.0)-4*A*C)

if D < 0 Then

    DD=math.sqrt(4*A*C - B*B)




Program 2

Write a java console program to compute the amount of change to be returned to a customer indicating the minimum number of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. I am providing most of the code below, you need to finish the software.


//Project_2 Problem_2

import java.util.scanner

public class Proj_2_Prob_2


    public static void main(String[] args){

        System.out.println("Your name");

        System.out.println("Project_2 Problem_2");

        System.out.println("This program computes the number of dollar bills");

        continued ...




By looking at the calculation code above and seeing the pattern complete the rest of the calculation software.

Display the results

Complete the DO LOOP- use the items highlighted in RED for Problem_1 for help.

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