Develop and Test Benchmark Project in C#


Submit a soft copy of your Benchmark Project in C# and test documents through digital Dropbox in Moodle. All code must be commented, this includes both triple slash XML comments (every class, method, and constructor) and inline comments. Your test documents must include all the test cases and

your judgement and comments when using the following required testing methods.


Purpose of this Assignment

The intention of the benchmark application is to apply the majority of software testing skills to a project that you have developed based on a sample program in this course. You must design your own test documentations for the following four testing methods.

1) Black-box testing: You must report your test cases for all the functional requirements of your project, e.g. buttons, menus, mouse move over, etc.

2) White-box testing: You must report your test cases for all the non-functional requirements of your project such as security, reliability (e.g. validations, boundary data, etc.).

3) Grey-box testing: You must report your test cases for all the object-oriented classes (constructors and methods) using Unit Test.

4) Automated Testing: You must explain and demonstrate how you use Automated Testing.


Project Description

Based on the sample program of this course, you are required to develop a Benchmark Application for managing personal information of staff members in a business. The information is not limited to staff Id, name, date of birth, email, annual salary, etc.


The project consists of four (4) classes: Form1.cs, FileManager.cs, Filter.cs, and MyClass.cs.

Form1.cs is the GUI for the application. You will make your own GUI design.

MyClass.cs is the class used to store staff data about objects (used throughout the application).

FileManager.cs is the class used by the application to read and write objects to and from a simple text file (.txt).

Filter.cs is the class used by the application to search and sort lists of objects (Search and Sort buttons). The searching and sorting methods must use LINQ lambda or query expression


Program Code and Comments

The Benchmark Application must provide the following functions:

1. Only validated personal object data can be input and displayed on a List Box

2. The selected object data on List Box can be deleted.

3. The objects data on the List Box can be appended to the end of existed data in a text file.

4. All the objects from text file can be loaded to the List Box

5. Sort all the objects data ascending and deciding.

6. Search for objects based on a key word.

All code must be commented, this includes both triple slash XML comments (every class and class member) and inline comments.


Unit Testing

A Unit Testing project must also be added to the Benchmark Application solution. The Unit Testing solution must reasonably test every method of the Filter class, every member of the MyClass, and every method of the FileManager class. Multiple tests cases can be used for testing a single method. Unit test methods should also be commented.

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