Python Homework 4

# Put your name in this modeul-level variable

MY_NAME = "Your Name Here"

# Create a class that has two attributes:

# a "name" variable that contains a (str)

# a "scores" variable that will be a list of numbers


class Student:

    # your implementation here

    # I should be able to instantiate a class by saying 

    # student = quiz4.Student('Mark', [94, 98, 23])

    # I should then be able to access


    # student.scores


    # Hint: recall the __init__ special functions



    # I should be able to get a student's average score

    # by avg = student.average()

    # This means you need a class instance method here

    def average(___):



    # I should be able to get a tuple:

    # high, low, count = student.summary()

    # High would be the high score, low the lowest, and count the number

    # of scores belonging to a student.

    # A student with no scores should return (None, None, 0)

    # This means you need a class instance method here

    def summary(___):



    # I should be able to add a score to a student's list of scores

    def add_score(___):



    # For the methods above: remember the "self" argument!

    # Write some test cases! After adding a score, the values 

    # that the other functions produce should change when called

    # after adding a score



# Create a module-level function that returns the sum of squares

# of a given list of numbers

def sum_of_squares(___):

    # Your implementation here


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