Java Unit Conversion Assignment

Write a program that will read in a measurement in meters from the user then ask the user if they would like it 

converted to feet,yards or miles. The user enters the word for this units they would like the measurement

converted to. The program will convert the measurement to the units specified and display the original measurement

and the equivalent computed value with units for bothe the values rounded to three places after the decimal


use console for input and output


submit printed and formatted source code and printed results of at least 3 executions, at least one for each unit

choice the user has using different input values



1 meter = 3.28083985 feet

1 meter = 1.093613298 yards

1 meter = 0.0006213711922 miles


Note: You will need to clear the user input stream before reading the user choice of units. Check your notes

or see pages 89-92 in the text book


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