Java Assignment

Question One

Giving the following code snippet. What kind of errors you will get and how can you correct it.

A. public class HelloJava 


        public static void main(String args[])


        int x=10;

        int y=2;






B. public class HelloJava 


        public static void main(String args[])


            int x=10;

        int y=0;





Question Two

A. Write a program that reads the following string “Hello, This is IT401 assignment 1” and does the following:

    1. Use the replace method of the class String and replace IT401 with Business computer language.

    2. Print the number of characters in the string after the replacement. 


B. Is the replace method of class String an accessor method or a mutator method. Explain your answer.



Question Three

Given the following class create 2 instances of the class and initialize them with  the values “Business computer language” and “IT401” respectively.

public class GradeBook {

    private String courseName;

    public GradeBook ()  {

        courseName ="";   }

    public GradeBook (String name) {

        courseName = name;    }

    public String getCourseName() {

        return courseName;   }

    public void displayMessage()  {

        System.out.println("welcome, this is" + getCourseName()); }




Question Four

What are the implicit and explicit parameters for the following methods:

    1. Box1.translate(5,10);

    2. momSavings.getBalance();



Question Five

Write the following formula in java expression. Show all the required steps. 


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