CMPSCP 3313 Module 3 Activity – Lists in Python

Write a single python program to perform the following tasks in order specified using the commands provided and discussed during class: KEEP IT SIMPLE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

1. Create a list named listA containing integer values 1 2 3 4 5 in that order

2. Create a list named listB containing 3 individual character values a b c in that order

3. Use the extend method to concatenate the two strings with listA appended by listB

4. Use single print command to print the new listA

5. Use a single print command with proper index value to print the ‘a’ from the new listA

6. Use the insert method to insert the string “XYZ” between the 5 and the ‘a’ in listA

7. Use the append method to put a 5 at the end of listA

8. Use a single print command with appropriate slice to display the slice of listA that begins with 4 and ends with ‘b’ (inclusive)

9. Use the count method in an if statement to display the index value for the first occurrence of 5 in listA if at least one occurrence exists, otherwise display an error message indicating “Not found”

10. Use a for loop to print each item in listA individually

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